Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alps Touchpad on Dell Inspiron 9300 under Windows 7

Dell doesn't support the I9300 under Windows 7. It runs W7 just fine. After install, go to the Windows Update site and let it download the drivers for the x300 video card from MS. The touchpad driver I found that works with the Alps touchpad is from Sony's website. Look for Alps_Touchpad_Driver_7.107.505.102. This is the file I used: Link

The only problem I had was the 'Tapping Off When Typing' option didn't work. I finally was able to get it working by adding an entry to the registry. The needed key is HKCU\Software\Alps\Apoint\Gesture. Add a new DWORD entry called "PalmCheck" (no quotes) and set the value equal to 1. That seemed to do the trick!

Thanks to this posting and user peteostro's postings for help. Link

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