Saturday, May 26, 2012

PlayBase Firmware Ready For Downloading!!!

Hi all,

I have the firmware that reader Eriks got from PlayBase and sent to me all packaged up with the flashing tool and drivers ready for download.

It's big- 125MB- and a .zip file.  The firmware is already set up in the ./image directory.  Check the !Readme1st.txt file for instructions.

Download here from and drop me a note to let me know how it went.

Thanks again to Eriks.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just an update-  the PlayBase is running really well.  I have had an issue with standby battery life.  I remembered that at one point I had bought Juice Defender Ultimate for my Epic 4g phone.  Several f/w later, it's no longer needed or even installed.  How about using it for the PlayBase?

Go to the E4G, re-download JDU [wow- google play keeps track of every app I've's at the very bottom of the My Apps list...keep scrolling...forgot I bought that app...hmmm.....geez....really shouldn't be surprised, but yet I still am...weird...], find the apk and Wifi File Transfer (awesome program, and also AirDroid) it to the PB.  After a little tweaking (you have to go into the advanced custom settings and tell JD not to manage the cell radios (there isn't one, but it'll jack the wifi up).  Battery capacity is 3000 mAh, charger is 2000mA.

Battery life now is much improved.  Now, it doesn't run itself down sitting on the counter overnight.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The PlayBase is back up and running!

Thanks to reader Erik, I now have an updated, more streamlined, faster, Google Market Play enabled and ROOTED Playbase!!!!!  Woohoo! 

Eric was able to supply me with a firmware update (supplied to him from Karuma!) that resurrected my PB!

Until I can find space to host the files (about 125MB), email me and I will get you what you need.

Thanks again, Erik!

Tech Specs of PB for reference: